Friday, November 22, 2013

Distractions (poem)



One of the hardest things, it seems, is to focus. Life today has too many distractions. Here is something to watch. There is something to do. Everywhere is something different.


The mind goes off in all kinds of ways. Checking in on this, worrying about that. The task at hand moves out of the away.


Just one quick look that is all. Then right back to what I am want to do.


But, one look, like one freshly made cookie on a plate, quickly leads to another, and one more besides. And soon, the task with no aim falls away.


Distractions are interesting and strong. They pull away, they keep work at bay. They lead to guilt and loathing contempt; regret about work that no longer holds sway.


And in the end, after all is amiss, distractions leave as a vapor, removed as a gas. Nothing remains of the day they have spent, just the void of loss and the pain of regret.