Sunday, March 23, 2014

This global desert- - - Lenten Poem

The world is dark

We stumble and fall

Into a deep pit

There we sit and wait, until

 A faint light is seen. . .


The world is sad

We hide and lament

Inside lonely rooms,

There we sit and wait, until

A happy sound is heard. . .


The world is numb

We ignore and withdraw

Within our own cocoons

There we sit and wait, until

The rush of beauty is felt. . .



It is the season of Lenten angst

When the world in darkened hues revealed:

A Global Desert full of want,

A place of fear and hurt.


Inwardly Questioning,

Yet Outwardly Observing

A Discipline of Sacrifice ensues.

For. . .

A life forsaken helps us know

The Grace that gently eases pain.