Monday, March 2, 2015



I’ve heard it said it’s wrong to worry

That it shows a lack of faith

A lack of hope

For it allows anxieties to mount

And fears to grow


“Let not your heart be troubled”,


“His eye is on the sparrow”

I hear them say

With helpful hearts


But with hand-wringing, heart-pumping,

 Quickened-breathing I worry

About this

And, about that


I worry that I worry

I worry that I should worry

I worry that maybe I worry too much

Oh, the cursed feeling, why must I fret?


“Have Peace!” Faith tells me

I listen, hoping . . .

That next, I will given a key

To solve my worry


Yet, no key arrives.

Only a soft Voice

From deep within

Calming yet bold


I worry that I may not have heard the Voice right

Was there more?

I worry that I will be told to give up on “worry”

I worry what I will do then!


The future needs not to be known

As it will be told in time

I need to relax and believe

That all will be fine


But, is ignorance truly bliss? Is it better not to know. . .

And go through life

Without plan, without purpose

Then, will there be nothing for us to worry?


Worry it seems, is a part of us

For we worry that others will be safe

When they leave us

Or when illness strikes


We worry because we do not know

We worry because we are afraid

We worry because we care

We worry because we are human


Doubt is worry’s cousin

They both rule this world

“We look through a glass dimly”

And seek the One beyond our Seeking


God made us,

And God . . .

Made worry to be within us

Why? I do not know. . .


But, that is not mine to worry about

Or is it?