Monday, April 27, 2015

The inner child

Gotta squelch the inner child, for all he wants to do is play.

Gotta tell him it’s time to work, that I am too old for his “rebellion”

Gotta send him away, locked in the inner room, so I can work, and be as a man.


I want to play with him

I want to run barefoot through the mud

 I want to see how far I can skip a stone across the pond

I want to hop, and skip and jump for no reason whatsoever.

I do not want to be a man!


All work and no play makes one a boring sot

Life is short, live hard.

That is what they all say



I live in a serious world.

I must buy food and pay for rent

I need to “accomplish” this and “succeed” at that

For such is my stated duty


Time is the great enemy

Before I know it, life has moved into adulthood

 Though I do not know what that means

I strive, but the path proves hard


The simple joys fade out of view

To be replaced by adult sophistication


So, with suit and tie and cramped dress shoes

I play the part,

I act as the man

Serious and mature,

 I act that role well

And, when my boss looks away

I think of my inner child and sigh