Thursday, June 11, 2015

Window Watcher

A poem

From the window I see her

Looking sad, big eyes focused ahead,

Hoping that someone would come, soon


She hears something and sits up straight

Could it be them?

Restlessness sets in, when will the door open?


Anticipation builds! Soon they will be here

But. . . wait

Nothing happened

It must’ve been someone else.


  When that idea sat in, she slumped

Down in the chair, turning from the window

The room was dark, and cold

Sadness returned as eyes forlorn become.


Evening sets in as shadows cast an eerie light

Her head is low

Her mind is blank

Wearily she stays awake, for what else is there to do?


Being forgotten is a terrible curse

The world moves on, and yet she remains

All alone, as if locked in time

She tries to remain “happy”, but slides into herself



Then, the sound, the great sound has come

The door has opened and all become as one

Happiness returns and with it comes hope

The weathered storm is over, peace now is the rule


Hugging and kissing those whom she loves

It is easy to see how alive she has become

No more slumping and sighing or wistfully thinking

Her family’s returned, now joy is at hand