Friday, November 20, 2015

On Positive Writing

On positive writing

Write something positive, I am told. Everything you write is dark and negative.

I am positive, I can. I said, for I am a positive person.

But, I am also a realist. I see things that are askew.

Life is complex. I sigh.

I work to pay bills, but bills are never paid.

I pray for peace, yet look to war.


True, those are real events. Things happen. Bills are due. People fight.

Yet isn’t there sunshine. Isn’t there laughter.


Sunshine brings bugs, and bugs sting and bite.

As for laughter what is funny? Everyone is sensitive. Everyone is touchy


Ok then but what about the dog?

The dog is happy.

The dog is happy, because the dog is fed, is safe and has no worries.

Besides, isn’t it sad when I leave?


Yet, it survives.

See, it recline on the couch, its paws strechted out. It cares not that you fret. It cares not that you have no money, or that you have had a bad day.

It is happy.

I look. I see my dog. It is asleep. It looks peaceful

I relax and look closer. That bill that I have to pay looks smaller than before. I want to nap---with my dog

I lay down. Dog comes. Licking begins. Tail wags.

Dog is happy.

Dog makes me happy.

Good dog.