Friday, April 1, 2016

Unwashed feet

Unwashed feet all around with

Uncombed hair all covered in sweat as

Grimy hands reach into the air


Lo, into the air, those grimy hands reach

Above the uncombed hair and the unwashed feet

Of happy tired children who, in warm sunshine played


In warm sunshine they played, all glad-hearted and free

Running, singing, chasing and dancing

Free to be children, far from their city’s gloom


Far from the city’s gloom, now into a circle they gather

Though hot, thirsty and tired

Ready to leave, yet one task remains


See, one task remains as arms reach to sky

“Praise God”, the adult leader speaks and

Just for a moment all become still


All become still, for a prayer has begun

Thanking their God for the warm happy sun

That allowed them to be just kids for a day.