Tuesday, September 13, 2016


There are times when I want to go out and be social

Yet, I do not want to have my space invaded

I want to be free

But bound to my home

I want to laugh

Though inside I want to cry


Where is the way to go?

What is the thing I must do?


Tell Me!

For I want to be told

It is easier if I just follow along


Don’t Tell Me

Let me figure out.

I do not want to be led astray


I am confused

I am both sure and unsure

At peace and at war

With myself and with my world

It is all familiar, Yet strange

Anxiously my heart beats

I wish I was brave

To “come what may”

And follow the wind

But. . . .

There is a part of me

That wants to remain

In the back,

Out of the way

Alone but free


For, I want to be told

Yet I want also to tell

I want to lead as well as be led

I need to be heard

Yet do not want to speak


I live in two worlds at the same time

The one that is,

And the one that is not

The former is the present; it is reality

The later is the presumed; it is imagined

In one I am a humble servant

In the other, a grandiloquent star