Sunday, December 11, 2016



You are not me.  I am not like you. We are all different. We are all a little odd

I want you to be happy. I want you to feel contentment, for we all need a little peace

Life is hard. Life is difficult, for we are comparing to one another, afraid that we do not measure up.

But, that’s ok-- We all not the same. We need to make our own noise—beat our own drum.

We need to embrace.. . Embrace who we are. Embrace that spark that makes us special and unique

For, I am not you. I do not really want to be. I have peace within myself. I have found a way to embrace.

I have embraced who I am. I can see that I am not the same as everyone else. I do not need to hide. I do not need to justify. I just need to embrace.

Everybody has their own dreams. Everyone has that thing that they are good at. Differences are good, like the different colors of an autumn tree or the colors of a rainbow.

So, stand up tall. Embrace who you are;  for you are made, in the image of the Holy, and you are to shine. Embrace the differences. Embrace your oddities. Embrace who you are, for no one wants a duplicate.