Tuesday, May 24, 2016




I wondered why life is unfair

I knew that it was

I knew that it always had been

But, why must it be unfair against me?

Why not in my favor?


I asked the mountain

But the mountain would not say

I did not think that it would


I looked at the sky

It was dark and empty

There was nothing in the air


Nearby a city glows

People run to and fro

And, here I stay, alone.


“It’s unfair!” I stammer

I yell. But, no one hears

“Why is it unfair?”

I scream at the dark.


The dark tells me to wait

Soon it disappears. Light forms

A cool breeze blows

Is this unfair?


The birds sing while the sun shines

I have coffee

I have food

I am alive

Yes, it’s unfair. But it’s okay