Friday, June 10, 2016

Self Doubt

People say that having Self Doubt is not good.

But, what do I do with Self Doubt?

Is there someplace where I can put it, so that it leaves me alone?

If I replace it, will Arrogance or Pridefulness move in?


If I get rid of Self Doubt . . . can I be “true to myself”?

Sometimes it is good to doubt oneself. . .

I doubt that I will survive if I jump off a tall building.

I better not try.


To know what one cannot do,

Is as important as knowing what I can do.

Is that Self Doubt?

Is that Reality?


I do not know.

But, do I need to know.

Can I live with doubt?

Can it be my friend?


If I make Self Doubt my friend, and let it speak

Do I have to follow its advice?

Can I tell it to “shut up” ?

Can I make it go away?


I doubt that I can ever leave Self Doubt behind

I doubt that I move beyond it

It is a part of me, but just a part

Hope surpasses it.