Friday, October 28, 2016

Pink Dress

Pink ribbons bobbing in the hair

On the tips of a ponytail

Pink Dress racing down the street

Propelled by pink socks in pink shoes


All in pink she runs and skips

Happy and free without a care

Pink Dress stained with messy childhood joys

Like mud and dirt and cold popsicles too


Pretty in pink and at one with God

Laughing, singing and shouting too

Pink Dress engaging the world that’s around

With hugging and sharing and friendship too


Pink Dress only remains for awhile

Soon the child, an adult she becomes

Pink Dress fades with other childhood memories

Of a moment when innocence and happiness reigned free


Hold on Pink Dress be wild; be free

Laugh, Run, Dance and Explore

Pink Dress: too quickly another dress you’ll wear

When Time moves on, and childhood fades